Canada’s Human Capital

An aging population and increased global competition for talent requires that Canada work harder to attract, retain and develop its human capital.  Employers have a responsibility to contribute to this effort by ensuring healthy, diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Areas of focus include:

Diversity and Inclusion

Workplace practices and policies that foster inclusiveness, respect for diversity, freedom from racial bias and opportunities for development and career advancement for under-represented groups.

Improving labour force participation of Indigenous peoples and advancing their economic opportunities through fostering Indigenous-owned businesses, joint ventures and other partnership mechanisms

Labour Force Development

Providing career opportunities for young Canadians, investing in employee learning and development, and supporting an increase to immigration flows to ensure Canada has the labour force it requires. Mentoring and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups and facilitating the sharing of innovative ideas and practices.

Health and Well-being

Improving the mental and physical health of Canadian workers and their families.


Creating a diverse workforce

Blake Goldring underscores the importance of creating diverse teams with a range of expertise as a key to a successful business.

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