What We’re About

We want voice teachers to feel confident and have fun when working with singers of popular musics.

Our Mission

To help the voice teacher profession shift to a popular-musics-positive mindset.

To provide a space where the validity and legitimacy of popular musics and their pedagogies are assumed.

To feature the great work and words of the giants of popular musics pedagogy.

To help our profession break down negative stereotypes that popular musics singers have about voice teachers so the singers feel safe enough to ask for help and guidance when they need it.

To help people heal from any damaging voice lesson experiences they have had around popular musics.

To help voice teachers give popular musics singers the best experiences they can have in voice lessons.

To help voice teachers have a great time teaching popular musics singers.

To help voice teachers not be jerks to each other or their students.

Our History

Singing in Popular Musics was created by Jess Baldwin (True Colors Voice and Artist Development) after she saw a need for voice teacher spaces that were focused on popular musics, separate from the more pervasive spaces that were focused on musical theatre…a related, but very different field. While musical theatre continued to explode in many college music departments, popular musics remained marginalized, contributing to the negative mindset many voice teachers had about them.

She reached out to prominent popular musics voice teachers around the world and asked them if they would contribute their wisdom in a space that was just for voice teachers who wanted to learn more about this field. And the blog was born.

She did an extensive search of resources that were related to the field and created the SPM Resource Database.

She also did an extensive search of higher ed programs and created the Higher Ed Program database.

In 2020, SPM expanded to include class and workshop offerings, which will continue to grow in the future.