How Microphone Technology Throws Vocalists for a (Auditory Feedback) Loop and What to Do About It // Laura Donohue

Independent Teacher Laura Donohue discusses ways to help singers trust their voices when switching sounds systems and venues.

Voice Research Summary: Summer 2017

Voice Quality After a Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercise With a Ventilation Mask in Contemporary Commercial Singers: Acoustic Analysis and Self-Assessments Marco Fantini, Giovanni Succo, Erika Crosetti, Alfonso Borragán Torre, Roberto Demo, Franco Fussi Journal of Voice Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 336–341 "The mask was put over the nose and mouth of the singer and… Continue reading Voice Research Summary: Summer 2017

Teaching Studio Singers // Judy Rodman

Guest blogger Judy Rodman talks about the differences between live singing and studio singing and the ways we teachers can help our students better prepare for recording. She covers preparation, setting up the mic, using headphones, performance psychology, specific vocal techniques, and vocal health.

Voice Technology Blogs

Here are two great blogs with information about technology and gear for singing. (You can find more blogs in our resource database.) Screenshot: Voice Council Magazine, 29 May 2016 Voice Council Magazine - Tech & Gear Voice Council Magazine is an amazing resource for the commercial singer, which is the site's target audience. The blog… Continue reading Voice Technology Blogs