Song Choice in the Contemporary Studio // Julie Dean

All of my singers want to sing commercial music, or popular songs. I encourage them to sing what they want to sing. When I first began taking voice lessons myself over 20 years ago, I was assigned an Italian art song. Learning Italian as a beginning voice student was very common, and at the Academic level, is still how it’s done (few exceptions). Occasionally, a … Continue reading Song Choice in the Contemporary Studio // Julie Dean

Developing Vocal Style

As Kelly mentioned in last week’s post, it’s important to sound like YOU when singing in your own style. But what if you don’t know what your style is yet? How do you start to develop it? Your style can be influenced consciously as well as subconsciously. Subconscious style influences can include the music your family listens to, the music at your place of worship, … Continue reading Developing Vocal Style