Voice Technology Blogs

Here are two great blogs with information about technology and gear for singing. (You can find more blogs in our resource database.) Screenshot: Voice Council Magazine, 29 May 2016 Voice Council Magazine – Tech & Gear Voice Council Magazine is an amazing resource for the commercial singer, which is the site’s target audience. The blog features articles from a wide range of high-level professionals who … Continue reading Voice Technology Blogs

Kid-Friendly Popular and Commercial Playlists // Jess Baldwin

In my studio, kids often come in with ideas for popular songs that they want to sing, but sometimes their suggestions are lyrically inappropriate for them at their age.  So, I have a few playlists on Spotify that I maintain to collect tunes that would be fun and appropriate for people to sing and play regardless of age. I send students and parents the links so they … Continue reading Kid-Friendly Popular and Commercial Playlists // Jess Baldwin

Fostering Connection

Popular and commercial music voice teachers are generally under-represented and under-served in the voice teacher community. The reasons why are pretty long and convoluted, and I’m sure they’ll be discussed later, but, for now, here’s a quick summary of the current state of our community. Traditionally, people who want to sing and teach voice professionally get a college degree, but there are only a handful … Continue reading Fostering Connection