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So You Want to Teach Singing: A Multidisciplinary Perspective // Kim Chandler

(The following content is from a paper presentation for the “Choice for Voice” conference held in London in 2010, run by the British Voice Association) 

I believe effective singing teachers should have at least a working knowledge of the following areas:

Music Education

Effective Teaching

Performance Skills

Medical Issues

Acoustic Science

Legal/Ethical Issues

Although this list is not designed to be exhaustive, the above points are an ever-expanding ‘mind map’ that outlines the breadth of knowledge and skills which I believe is advisable for singing teachers and vocal coaches to be in possession of in order to be fully equipped to fulfill the specialised remit of effective vocal coaching in today’s market. 

Any of these areas can be updated and expanded upon as part of a commitment to lifelong learning. However, it is important that multi-disciplinary boundaries of expertise should remain adhered to, but cross-pollination of ideas resulting from dialogue within the various vocal specialisms can only enrich all those involved in voice care and development.

What would you add to the list? Feel free to share in the comments.

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