Commercial Voice Resources is now Singing in Popular Musics!

Commercial Voice Resources is now officially Singing in Popular Musics!

After a few years of working under the name Commercial Voice Resources, we decided to make the change to provide some more clarity about what we do here, as well as to honor the fact that the term “popular music studies” has been used for decades by the musicology community to describe the study of genres such as rock, pop, R&B, etc. Also, the study of this music in post-secondary institutions is called Higher Popular Music Education. We hope to see the vocal pedagogy community continue to connect more with these communities, which were contributing greatly to this work before voice teachers collectively started showing more of an interest in learning and teaching these styles.

The term CCM (contemporary commercial music) remains a term used by the voice pedagogy community to describe music that doesn’t fit under the classical umbrella. We will continue to use it to describe the wider world of music that also includes jazz and musical theatre. But popular musics and the ways they are learned and taught are quite different from jazz and musical theatre, so we will use the term popular music as a sub-category of CCM.

We gave the site a redesign and moved it to WordPress, which has a great integrated following feature, so please scroll to the bottom of the page and either click the follow button or enter your email address to follow by email. 

Your old links will still work. They’ll just point you to the new site. 

Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you with some new, exciting stuff in 2020!

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