Kid-Friendly Popular and Commercial Playlists // Jess Baldwin

In my studio, kids often come in with ideas for popular songs that they want to sing, but sometimes their suggestions are lyrically inappropriate for them at their age.  So, I have a few playlists on Spotify that I maintain to collect tunes that would be fun and appropriate for people to sing and play regardless of age. I send students and parents the links so they can listen and choose some options. Generally, I find that the parents are relieved to have a kid-friendly playlist that doesn’t drive them bonkers. The kids still have freedom of choice, and I’m always pleasantly surprised by what they choose. They like music that’s older just as often as they like brand new stuff. They just need the opportunity to be exposed to it. 

There’s a whole world of “Kindie” music that I’ll post about another time, but these playlists are made up of tunes that are just a good for grown-ups as they are for kids.

As I keep adding to the playlists, they’ll eventually be split into more specific genre categories. I’ll share those with you as they are created. For now, several are mixed together.

Click the green Spotify icon to open the playlist in the Spotify app. Once in the app, you can add a playlist to your library by clicking “Follow.”




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